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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has has been criticized by House of Lords member, Kate Hoey, and pro-democracy groups for shaking hands with Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa at a summit in Kigali, Rwanda.

The two shook hands Tuesday, exactly three years after former President Robert Mugabe’s death.

Hoey described Mnangagwa as a human rights abuser saying Blair was not supposed to shake hands with him.

In a tweet, Hoey said, “What on earth was Tony Blair doing being so close up and personal with the human rights abuser @edmnangagwa. Zimbabwean people need help to ensure free and fair election next year not support for a neo dictator.”

Mnangagwa also said in a tweet, “For Zimbabwe to flourish, we cannot let history hold us back. It was a pleasure to meet Tony Blair and Baroness Scotland, Secretary General for the Commonwealth.”

Blair’s government imposed targeted sanctions on the Mugabe and his inner circle, citing human rights violations and electoral fraud.

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